Motorland Mikawa

Motorland Mikawa  is a circuit in Aichi-ken popular for both drifting and grip driving. The circuit is open almost every day with special events from time to time. The full circuit length is 1.2 km but it is often split up in two smaller circuits, a highspeed section measuring 800 meter and a technical section which is 450 meter long.

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Toyota WiLL VS

On the Los Angeles Auto Show in January 2001, Toyota released the WiLL VS. It was something unusual because it does not happen often that a model for the Japanese market only is revealed at an overseas auto show. The car featured a futuristic styling with sharp lines inspired by a jet plane. A similar style was seen on the interior with an automatic shift lever shaped like that of an airplane. Also the pointer of the instrument cluster’s speedometer was pointing downwards when stationary.

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Nissan President

Nissan’s flagship sedan, the President, started sales in 1965 aiming at company executives and to be used by government as state limousine. The H150 model is the first generation which was available with a 3.0 liter 6-cylinder and 4.0 liter 8-cylinder engine. Four grades were available, namely A, B, C, and D. The small engine was available in A and B grade, while the big engine got C and D grade. The President was the first vehicle in Japan to have fender mirrors which were remotely controlled by wire.

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Honda City Turbo

The Honda City was a very small compact car but not falling under the Kei-car regulations in Japan. Sales started on the 11th of November 1981. The car started as a regular city car with a 1.2 liter engine producing 67 horsepower, about enough to transport 4 adults in the 3 door hatchback. In 1982 however, Honda decided to install a turbo on the engine and create a sporty version.

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