Restarted the show in Japan[Shiki Theatre]

Restarted Musicals with Social distance in Japan:Shiki Theatre

Shiki Theatre restarted on July 14th with new conditions.
MAMMA MIA!(Yokohama)/CATS(Tokyo)/Lion king(Nagoya/Tokyo)/The Little Mermaid(Osaka)/Aladdin(Tokyo)

[Social distance]

Seat – Can’t sit next each other. After every seat there is a vacant seat
Toilet and Shop – make a line with Social distance

Example: KAAT(Kanagawa Arts Theatre) white seats are customer seats, black seats are vacant seats

[Alcohol hand sanitizing]

There is put Alcohol everywhere in the theatre   


When entering the theatre, customer has to go through the machine which checks fever temperature .
Must wear the mask !! Must not to talk in the theatre
Customer is advised to register COVID-19 trace system of government

[Pamphlet / Flyer]

No need to pick up Flyers, just scan the QR code and download


All actors on stage are tested negative for COVID-19 and regular testing is done

☆Lion king : Shiki Theatre

☆Cats : Shiki Theatre

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