Chausuyama is a mountain in the North of Aichi prefecture with a surrounding plateau which is reasonably flat and has a big pond. In the summer this is a popular place for people to enjoy nature and cool down from the heat of the hot cities. The plateau has several roads good driving roads leading to it.

The first one is coming from the east of Chausuyama plateau referred to as the route 506. It is a stretch of around 5 kilometers long started at the route route 151. At first there are a few long sweepers after which the road turns into tight hairpins. Though tight hairpins, the road stays more than enough wide for two cars to be able to pass each other easily.

The route 46 is a road north of Chausuyama plateau. The northeast section of the route 46 is a recommended driving road with nice countryside scenery. The end point is Uruga village, a calm Japanese mountain village with a cherryblossom viewspot in the spring.

The third and last good road towards the Chausuyama plateau is one of the main access routes. It is the route 507 coming from the south-west and connects all the way to the route 257 which is a connection between the big cities of Ena and Hamamatsu. Starting from the route 275, the route 507 will have some tight corners but as the road proceeds more towards the plateau, the corners will be larger radius with longer straight sections as well. This road is generally very wide with not too much elevation differences.

In the winter Chausuyama is popular ski-resort as the location is on high altitude and far landinwards, giving it reasonable amounts of snow. As such, there is a big difference in the road condition between summer and winter season.

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