JDM4all Garage

As enthusiast of Japanese cars, I have driven and owned a large diversity of Japanese cars. Starting off with a Toyota MR2 as first car in the Netherlands, a world opened for me when I went to the first time to a car meeting with other MR2 enthusiasts. It made me spent time enjoying other car meetings, making small modifications and learn more and more about Japanese cars.

The years following that I got to own more Japanese vehicles and gathered a lot of new experiences by attending bigger car meetings, visiting motorshows, hanging out a lot of time at the Nurburgring and of course enjoying driving roads. I have been lucky enough to live at different places across the world and managed to gather a small collection of vehicles.

Click on each of the pictures to see which vehicles are currently in the JDM4all Garage.

Ultimate city car

Midship sportiness

A future classic

Luxury rotary cruiser

The daily sportscar

Classic bike

Cafe-racer bike