86/BRZ JDM Products

On this page you can find some products for the 86, BRZ, FR-S, FT86 and GT86 platform that are sold on the Japanese market. In Japan the car was sold in a lot of grades and variations as a result of its popularity. Combine this with the love of car customisation in Japan, and you can image that there are a lot of aftermarket parts and accessories available for this platform. Below here you can find some good picks which can also be shipped overseas.

Updated December 2020

One of the most widely available modifications for any car are the intake and exhaust. Also for the 86, which has a wide range of aftermarket options for the air intake. From filters until full replacement until the intake manifold. Personally I like the Blitz Carbon Power Air Cleaner in combination with the Blitz Suction Kit as full intake replacement. Both are available in either a Blue or Red color. Here is a reference image with the red color. This would look good on a red kouki 86.

Here are some links to Amazon for both the Suction Kit and the Carbon Power Air Cleaner. Take care you pick the correct part for the Suction Kit as the part numbers are different for pre-facelift and post-facelift, as well as between the manual and automatic transmission.

Another product from Blitz is their meter meter holder for the interior and is a product for the more advanced tuner that wants to monitor additional parameter of the car. The meter holder replaces the dash panel on the passenger side of the car.

It has space for three 60 mm meters which are not included. Here is the link on Amazon. Keep in mind that the product is for RHD vehicles.

It can also be had with Blitz meters included:

The standard steering wheel that came in your 86 might not be to your liking though there are plenty of options for this as well. Whether you have a pre-facelift car or post-facelift car, here are some OEM looking aftermarket steering wheels by the company called REAL Steering.

For the pre-facelift, I personally like these two wheels:

And for the post facelift, these two catched my attention.

TRD is one of the most renowned aftermarket parts companies for Toyota’s and of course they have a large line up for the 86 as well. One of the most affordable yet noticeable modifications is the TRD gear knob.

The leather knob with red stitching perfectly matches the interior of most 86 versions. It is available for both the manual and automatic transmission equipped vehicles. A lot of TRD imitation gear knobs are on the market for a much more affordable price but buying an authentic one ensures a good fitment and gives you a part that is tested with the same standard as regular Toyota parts. Here are the parts on Amazon:

For exterior modifications, changing your lights can change the complete look of your car. Valenti is one of the top players on the Japanese market for aftermarket lights. For the 86 platform they also offer headlights, rear lights and reverse/rear fog lights.

The latter comes in various variations. Below here are the red, red chrome and smoked appearance listed on Amazon.

Cusco is famous for its chassis enhancements. And for the 86 platform there is a really big catalog available. Some of the products available are listed below. From left to right are:
Powerbrace engine room (adjustable)Rear differential braceWide tread lower armBrake pedal reinforce bracketPowerbrace rear member side – Not chassis: Oil catch can

Disclaimer: The above products are recommendations and as such JDM4all cannot be held responsible for any non-fitment or implications resulting from buying these parts.