Fuji Hakone area

hakone 1

Mount Fuji is the iconic mountain of Japan and seen as a sacred place for many Japanese. It is a sleeping volcano which on clear days is visible from Tokyo or even other areas in Japan more than 200 km away. Close to Mount Fuji is Hakone, which is a nature and hot spring resort. In the Hakone area is also a lake, Ashinoko, which is a popular attraction for tourists as you can see the iconic view as per picture above. The mountains surrounding Hakone have a lot of good driving roads and amazing views.

The must-drive routes in this area are:
Ashigara Touge
Ashinoko Skyline
Gotemba route 401
Hakone Turnpike
Izu Skyline
Jukkoku Touge
Mitsuya Yata Line
Tsubaki Line

For livecamera’s in the Fuji Hakone Izu area please see the following link:
Fuji Hakone Izu live camera overview