The traditional Japanese cuisine is a rice based cuisine with often fish, pickled vegetables and not to forget, miso soup, as a side dish. Over years, the dishes in Japan got influence from Asian countries (noodles, curry) and Western countries (hamburger, pasta).

For breakfast, old fashioned Japanese eat miso soup, rice and fish while the modern Japanese breakfast consists of bread, yoghurt or granula. For lunch, a bento box is usually taken to work. This bento box is basically a lunch box with a variety of small foods. Dinner can be anything, depending on the season.

If you find yourself in Japan, it will be easy to find a restaurant to your liking. Authentic Japanese restaurants might be difficult if you do not speak Japanese because the menu is usually in Japanese language only while the more touristic and family restaurants have menu’s with pictures.

Below here there are some special Japanese dishes that you should try if you can enjoy delicious food:

Japanese curry
Miso Katsu