North Japan

For the North of Japan both Tohoku and Hokkaido are considered. Tohoku is the northeast region of Japan north of Tokyo metropolitan area. It spreads a large area which is less populated than Kanto or Chubu and thus full of nature. Mountains are a common sight while all the prefectures are also connected to the sea. Sendai is by far the biggest city with a lot of industry. North of Tohoku is Hokkaido, known for its cold winters, large amount of snowfall and large amount of fields and less populated areas. 

The following tracks can be found in the north of Japan:
Auto Sports Land Sunagawa
New Chitose Motorland
Tokachi Speedway
Aomori Speed Park
Circuit Park Kiriyanai
Ebisu Circuit (famous for drifting)
LINK Circuit
Motorland SP
New Kyowa Cartland
Southern Circuit