Nissan Sakura

In 2022 the Nissan Sakura was launched as a model in Japan to make the electric vehicle a more sight on Japanese roads. Nissan already was selling the Leaf and Ariya but the new Sakura has the target to attract more young people as it is an entry model electric vehicle. It is positioned above the Nissan Dayz and Rooks which are on the same platform.

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The return of Ralliart

In March 2022 Mitsubishi announced the revival of the Ralliart brand in Japan. Under the brand, Mitsubishi will sell accessories for some of its passenger cars. Designed with Mitsubishi’s rally heritage in mind, the accessories should give the cars a more sporty and adventurous look. At the time of writing, the four models for which Ralliart products are available are the Outlander, Eclipse Sport, RVR and Delica D: 5.

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In January 2022 Honda released the new 6th generation Step WGN. The exterior design has become a lot more simpler than the previous generation. The square lines make this new model look very similar to the first and second generation of the Step WGN. With this minivan, Honda targets young families with the car having convenient features and a lot of interior flexibility.

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Mazda MX-30 SeDV

The Mazda MX-30 was launched in Japan in October 2020 as a stylish crossover focusing on driving pleasure. Unfortunately not all the customers that wanted to buy one, have the ability to operate a conventional vehicle due to underbody disability. For that group of people Mazda now released the MX-30 SeDV, with SeDV standing for Self-empowerment Driving Vehicle.

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