From the 1960’s Mitsubishi started to mass produce passenger cars such as the Minica, Colt and Debonair. In the 70’s the Galant and Delica became popular models and in the 80’s it was the Pajero with its off-road capabilities that started to gather fame, not only in Japan but also overseas.

Mitsubishi was active in the motorsport, and especially in rally and off-road racing a lot of successes were booked. The technology was reflected to their models sold to the public such as the Lancer Evolution and Pajero.

In the 90’s and 00’s Mitsubishi had a great variety in their line-up of cars. Some of them were global models, but there also were a lot of unique cars solely sold in the Japanese market. Below here you can find some of these interesting JDM Mitsubishi models. These models often had interesting technologies, one example being the small capacity V6 engines used in the FTO and Emeraude.

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