The purpose of the is website is to educate people about the culture in Japan. The main focus is on automotive as in Japan a lot of the cars are solely sold on the Japanese market and these are often unique and exclusive. Japan also has a big variety of places to enjoy driving. Information about most of these places in the central area of Japan can be found on this website. Furthermore some pages about Japanese food, musicals and travel spots have been created. I hope you will enjoy learning more about Japan!

About the creator of this website:
I am an automotive enthusiast from the Netherlands. In 2012 I began to work for a Japanese automotive company as a quality engineer. One of the job responsibilities was to test and evaluate prototype vehicles. This was one of the reasons that I began to have more and more interest in Japanese Domestic Market vehicles, together with the fact that Japanese vehicles in general are rare on the European roads. In 2016 I was able to live in Japan for 1.5 years for work and from this time on wards, my interest in the Japanese culture started to grow. So I decided to live in Japan as of 2019 again.

My first car was a Toyota MR2:

My second car was also a MR2, this time with a swapped V6 engine:

Then I drove a Yaris:

And bought a MR2 again for hobby:

After the Yaris, I had a GT86:

Then I moved to Japan, and I choose to buy a Honda S2000 Type V:

While my S2000 was on boat to Europe, I bought my old MR2 back when I returned to Europe:

Then I found a Eunos Cosmo 20B in Belgium, and I could not resist buying it:

Back in Japan, I own an Toyota 86:

Furthermore I have two 50cc bikes, a Honda SS50 and a Honda Benly CD50S.

For more details about the vehicles I currently own, see this page.

I hope to share my passion and knowledge about Japan with you via this website. Please inform me if you have any comments of questions.

Contact: jdm4all@outlook.com


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