Mt. Sangane Skyline

Close to Gamagori city in Aichi prefecture is the Sangane Skyline. It is a 5 km long toll road with great scenic views. It is close to the ocean and with not so many high surrounding mountains, there are far stretching views.

The Sangane mountain is nearby the towns of Nishiura and Katahara, which were flourishing hot spring towns in the 1960’s. To make the Sangane mountain more attractive for tourism, it was decided to create the Sangane Skyline. The Skyline was opened in 1968.

A lot of interesting buildings and statues can be found along the skyline. These are remaining from more flourishing times.

The opening times are from 8:00 in the morning to 20:00 in the evening, so night view of the nearby cities can also be viewed.

Both the east, center and west entrance are close to the route 247 coming from Gamagori city.

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Sangane Skyline