Mitsuya Yata Line

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The route 1 is Japan’s oldest highway going all the way from Tokyo to Nagoya. From Odawara it passes over the mountain via Hakone to Mishima. Taking an exit close to Mishima makes you end up on the route 142, a local road with countryside scenery. As the road quality is very good and it has a lot of curves, it is worth driving this road.

Coming from the route 1, take a left turn and go through the tunnel under the route 1. Now you are on the route 142, also known as the Mitsuya Yata Line. Follow the road for approximately 2 kilometer until an intersection, and then go left at the intersection. It is easy to miss, so take care. Actually, from hereon you are not on the route 142 anymore but an unnamed road. Keep driving this road, after approximately 3 kilometer there is two times an intersection, just continue straight there. Finally you reach a T-split, go to the left here. Then follow the road for another 5 kilometer and you reach the route 11 which goes from Kannami to Atami. This is endpoint.  

The first half is more crowded with local traffic but in the second half there are not so many people. As the road progresses, the scenery changes from more farming area in the first half to forest in the second half. This is a toll-free route. Total length of the route is approximately 11 kilometer.

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