Daikoku Parking Area

In case you are a fan of JDM cars, you have definitely seen pictures of this place. Close to Tokyo, it is a popular spot for car enthusiasts to meet. Daikoku Parking Area (or PA) is actually a regular highway parking located on the Bayshore Route toll road.

While at day it seems like a regular parking area, at night the atmosphere completely changes when the big lights above the parking turn on, the highway loops are illuminated and you can hear the special cars start rolling in. Especially at Friday and Saturday evenings it can become crowded. If you pass during the day on a Saturday or Sunday there might also be a lot of interesting vehicles to see though.

Some car groups or meetings are planned to take place at Daikoku PA but most of the people just come whenever they feel to. It is therefore always a surprise which cars show up. Most people are coming to hang out with their friends, show their cars or watch other people their cars. As there is a convenience store and are a lot of vending machines, there is no need to hungry or thirsty.

The special thing about this parking area is that you can really hear the cars coming and going along the highway loops surrounding the parking. As the parking is located on the Bayshore Route, it is possible to go for a “round” of driving because the highway makes a loop through the city of Yokohama and Kawasaki. Many people therefore meet at Daikoku PA, go for a drive, hang out, drive again, etc.

Unfortunately it happens regularly that the parking area is closed off by the police because people are misbehaving. Many people usually head then to Tatsumi Parking Area which is another highway parking area closer to the city center of Tokyo.

Access to the Daikoku PA is only possible via highway and once you are on the highway, there is no need to exit the highway to enter Daikoku PA. The highways in Tokyo area charge a flat-rate toll price for entering and exiting once, so be careful not to mistake an exit or intentionally go on and off the highway. With the convenience of an ETC you might loose track quickly of how much you spend.

Location of Daikoku PA on Google Maps:

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Location of Tatsumi PA on Google Maps:

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