D’z Racing Cafe Garage

Initial D is one of the anime that gained popularity worldwide and is well known amongst most Japanese car enthusiasts. A large part of the series took place in the Gunma prefecture. Did you know there is a real Initial D themed cafe in this area? The cafe its name is D’z Racing Cafe Garage and is located in Shibukawa in Gunma.

Created with the purpose of bringing car enthusiasts closer together at an iconic location, the cafe is a common meeting place for people that enjoy driving as good driving roads such as Mount Haruna and Ura-Haruna are close by.

In front of the D’z there are usually parked some JDM or other exotic cars. So the parking is usually already a threat but what you really want is to see the inside of the cafe. Once inside, you will be amazed with the amount of products and decorations, many of which are related to Initial D. The floor has a checkerflag pattern and there are different type of seating places. A really unique atmosphere!

Some of the consumables like drinks and pudding are Initial D themed. You can order them at the counter and find a seat if it is not too crowded. And on holidays and weekends it is usually crowded in the cafe. Actually it is not only a cafe, but also a shop which sells a lot of different Initial D products.

If you would like to visit this place, the location in Google Maps is here:
D’z Racing Cafe Garage