Up Garage

Up Garage is by far the largest company with second hand car and bike parts shops across Japan. As customisation of vehicles is a big thing in Japan, there is a huge market for buying and selling second hand parts. The company being established in 1999, it now has over 180 shops all over Japan. The first Up Garage store opened in Machida, nearby Tokyo.

Currently there is the regular Up Garage, which is specialised in car parts. Then there is Up Garage Riders, aimed at motorcyclists. Furthermore there is Up Garage Wheels focusing on wheels and Up Garage Works that sells second hand garage tools.

Besides the fact that the second hand parts at Up Garage are really affordable in comparison with other countries, it is the atmosphere in the shop that makes a visit even more special. It starts as soon as you arrive at the parking of a store, as the parking is normally filled with some JDM cars and people just regularly hanging out. Outside the store there is usually also a large amount of wheels on display. Entering the shop, you are being welcomed with a scent that is a mix of car parfumes, old metal and fresh rubber. Combined with the music and car parts heaven, you will not forget your first visit quickly.

Some Up Garage stores are located conveniently close to train or bus stations. So even if you do not have a car, you can easily visit if you are in Japan.