Mazda Roadster Coupe

The Mazda Roadster, or Miata and MX-5 as known in other countries, is traditionally a softtop convertible. As of the NC and ND generation, a retractable hardtop has been available. But before that, there already has been a coupe version of the NB generation, called the Roadster Coupe. Production numbers are limited so it is very rare and thus not known so much to the wider public.

In October 2003, Mazda released this Roadster Coupe in Japan only. It was produced by Mazda’s subsidiary, E&T (Engineering & Technology) specialized in low volume production. E&T also does conversions of regular Mazda’s for healthcare businesses and driving schools for example.

Mazda E&T website

Compared to regular specified roadster, the Coupe was 10 kilogram heavier, but on the other hand it was also much more stiff giving a more direct driving experience. Four grades were available. A base grade, the Type S, the Type A and the Type E.

The base grade and the Type S had the regular NB roadster front but of course the rear was different with the boot having a small integrated duck tail spoiler. The base grade was equipped with the same 125 horsepower 1.6 liter and 5-speed manual transmission of the regular NB while the Type S had the 160 horsepower 1.8 liter engine with a 6-speed transmission. The Type S equipment featured special Bilstein dampers, a front suspension tower bar and 16 inch aluminium wheels.

The Type A was similar equipped as the Type S, be it the Type A having a little bit different styling. Styling changes included a different front bumper and aerodynamic black lip kit around, special headlight covers, wheel arch extensions and a rear spoiler. The base grade and Type S being available in white, silver and red, the Type A was available in Yellow and a different shade of Red.

Finally the Type E, this one had the same colors as the Type A but this was the more elegant model of the range. The Type E featured different front more bumper with authentic styling cues. For the interior, a light beige color was available with the top of the dashboard in black. This gave a two-tone luxury feel. The drivetrain was also designed towards this, with the same 1.8 liter as the Type S and Type A, but this time mated to a 4-speed automatic transmission.

Starting prices in 2003 where as followed:

Base grade2.35Million Yen
Type S2.75Million Yen
Type E2.8Million Yen
Type A3.1Million Yen

The base grade and Type S would be produced in the amount based on orders from customer while the Type A was limited to 200 units and the Type E to 150 units. However, it is said that due to a fire at the Mazda Ujina factory, the production was suspended and only a total of 179 units have been delivered to the market.

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