Mazda Verisa

In 2004 Mazda released a new compact car called the Verisa and it was marketed as a more stylish and spacious variant of the Demio. The name Verisa was a combination of the words Verita (meaning truth in Italian) and Satisfaction. Verisa stands for true fulfillment.

The Verisa was based on the platform of the Demio and it shared its engine and transmission. The 1.5 liter engine produced 113 horsepower sufficient to transport 4 occupants and their luggage comfortably. A 4-speed automatic transmission was the only available transmission but there was a 2-wheel drive version and electronic 4-wheel drive version. The latter uses electric motors on the rear axle to assist in poor traction conditions or acceleration from standstill. A generator connected to the engine produces the required electricity. The technology was bought from Nissan but developed by Hitachi.

The exterior and interior were available with different colors, be it via special versions, of which there have been many throughout the years:

  • December 2004 – L Style
    Limited to 800 units, it featured the dress-up package and leather package. Furthermore part of the interior was dark brown and exclusive body color called Velocity Red Mica
  • December 2005 – Brown Collection
    The dress-up package was standard equipment and the interior was dark brown. Other features included auto-light system and rain sensor.
  • December 2006 – T Style
    The interior including seat and steering wheel of this special version was beige. It also featured 15″ wheels and an exclusive body color called Highland Green Mica.
  • December 2007 – Stylish V
    In this version the dress-up package was standard and the interior was decorated with red and black accents. An exclusive body color called Metropolitan Gray Mica was available.
  • November 2011 – Classy Style
    Leather was used generous in the interior on this version. The dress-up package was again standard and an exclusive color called Clear Water Blue Metallic was available.
  • December 2013 – Magenta Selection
    The seats had a black magenta touch to them and steering wheel used a magenta stitch. The headlamps were upgraded to HID and 15″ wheels were standard.
  • April 2015 – Noble Couture
    For this version exclusive red leather was used in the interior for the seats and door cards. The glove box was also painted in red. On the exterior there were used special 15″ alloy wheels and the mirrors were painted gloss black. Meteor Gray Mica was an exclusive color for this version.

The sales period of the Verisa was 11 years and 6 months and ended on in December of 2015. That is an extraordinary lifespan, especially considered there were no major changes done throughout the years. Grade and specification modifications were done, but no design changes. It can therefore be said that the Verisa was a big success.

Click on the picture below to see all Mazda Verisa versions per year and detailed specifications such as weight, new price and equipment for each version in the catalog.