Mitsubishi Emeraude

Coupe styled 4-door sedans were a popular alternative body style in Japan in the early 90’s. Examples being the Toyota Corolla Seres or the Mazda Persona. For these models, the technical underpinnings were usually the same as the existing 4-door sedans that the maker already had in its line-up. Mitsubishi also decided to join the trend and based on the Galant, Mitsubishi developed the Emeraude as a 4-door coupe. It was launched to the Japanese market in October 1992.

The Emeraude’s exterior was very rounded compared to other vehicles on the road back then. This helped it getting a low aerodynamic coefficient of Cd = 0,29. In between the projector type front lights, was a small front grille which made it look like the front lights were connected from left to right. Similar with the rear lights, in between them there was a panel in the same color as the rear lights. The panel had proudly written Emeraude on it. Also present on this car was another typical feature of a 4-door coupe, the frameless door windows.

In the interior there is no big difference versus the Galant as the basic design and materials are the same. Different seats were used which were all cloth. Depending on the grade, the pattern was different though. There was a lot of luxury equipment available for the Emeraude. Navigation system, automatic air-conditioning, cruise control and electric folding mirrors among others. a sporty atmosphere with cloth seats.

A total of 6 grades were available and each of the grades could be had with a 5-speed manual transmission or a 4-speed automatic transmission. Here is an overview of the grades:

TR1.8 inline 44G93110 entry grade
TG1.8 V66A11135standard equipment almost same as TR but possible to choose more options
Super Touring2.0 V66A12145From this grade 15″ wheels and more adjustable seats as standard
Super Touring DOHC2.0 V66A12170Sports suspension as standard
Super Touring 42.0 V66A12170Sports suspension, bigger ventilated brakes and 4 wheel steer as standard
Super Touring R2.0 V66A12200Top grade with unique 15″ wheels. Could be had with 4 wheel steer as an option

The available colors depend on the year, but the choice always consisted of a white, silver, black, blue, green and red metallic or pearl color. In the last year there was also offered a two tone color option (black and silver, as well as white and silver). In 1994 there was a minor change with new front grille, changed front bumper and tail lights. It is also said that due to cost reduction, the quality of the materials went down.

Production lasted until August 1996 and until then a total of 19214 units have been produced.

Click on the picture below to see all Emeraude versions per year and detailed specifications such as weight, new price and equipment for each version in the catalog.