GR Yaris RC

Upon its introduction inn 2020 in Japan, Europe and Australia, the GR Yaris has gained a lot of positive reviews from the automotive world. Except for Japan, most countries just have two grades, an entry grade and a performance grade. In Japan these are known as the RZ and RZ High performance. Japan has two more grades though; the RS and RC. In this article the difference between the RC and RZ will be explained.

The RC is basically a stripped out version of the RZ, that is more suitable for you were planning to do customisation or upgrades to the car right after buying as well as planning to turn your Yaris GR into a race or rally car. Being based on the RZ, you still get the same engine, transmission and drivetrain. Though some changes have been made to the running gear:

  • 17″ aluminium 10-spoke Enkei wheels (7J wide) on 205/45 eco tyres
  • Smaller brakes on the front (18″ on RZ versus 16″ on RC as advertised by Toyota)
  • Changed front suspension with a steering knuckle that can cope with 15″ wheels used for dirt and rally.
  • Front stabilizer reduced from 24.2 mm of RZ to 23.2 mm on RC.

From the above you can identify that the RC is more prepared for dirt and rally driving than the regular RZ. As such, a unique option to the RC is a more offroad oriented setup for the four-wheel drive system.

More of the general changes compared to the RZ grade are:

  • No air-conditioning
  • No audio system
  • No smart entry but a regular turn-key
  • Shiftbezel and ventilation surround garnishes in black
  • Gearknob of PVC
  • Fake leather shiftboot
  • Parking brake handle of PVC
  • Fake leather parking brake boot

All in all, the base RC will result in a 30 kilogram lighter car than the RZ. Though, several options are available to get the RC more to your taste. So in addition to the above mentioned offroad oriented four-wheel drive system, there are the following options availiable:

  • RZ suspension with the 18″ wheels and bigger brakes
  • Air conditioning
  • Intercooler spray (not available on RZ)
  • Cold weather package
  • Rear foglight as dealer option

And at the time of writing, the RC is available in the same four colors as the RZ.

  • Superwhite II (040)
  • Platinum White Pearl Mica (089) (optional price)
  • Emotional Red II (3U5) (optional price)
  • Precious Black Pearl (219) (optional price)

And if you are looking for a different type of GR Yaris RC, see the product below: