Toyota 86

While the Toyota 86, GT86 or Scion FR-S have been sold all over the world, Japan got some unique versions sold nowhere else. The Japanese manufacturers usually keep the best for themselves, so be sure to read on. Let’s start with the general grading strategy for the vast majority of 86’s sold in Japan.

Basic grade with some comfort features such as remote door lock, electric retractable mirrors and manual air conditioning. 16″ aluminium wheels were standard. No LSD.

Mid-grade version. Versus the G, comfort features improved such as keyless entry, automatic air conditioning, higher quality feel materials and a frameless rear view mirror. 17″ wheels and a LSD were standard.

GT Limited
The most luxurious grade. Based on the GT line, additional equipment included seats with a mix of leather and alcantara, a rear spoiler and a cover under the car protecting the floor and tank.

The first grade unique to Japan was the RC grade. It was basically a completely stripped out version of the G grade. So no radio, missing trim pieces, steel wheels and even unpainted bumpers, door handles and mirror covers. Ideal for people or shops that wanted to customize the 86 right after buying it. The price was 400 000 Yen less than the G grade.

For track-oriented customers Toyota also offered a ready-to-race version of the 86, called the 86 Racing. With a rollcage, 4-point seatbelts, oil cooler and additional brake cooling this car was JAF (Japan Auto Federation) approved and thus ready to join JAF races, rallies and speed events. In Japan there was even a 86 only racing series.

At the end of 2014, the TRD 14R60 was released. It was a complete car made by TRD which was limited to 100 units only. The price was more than double that of the highest grade at the time. TRD had done significant testing and development with the 86 and the full catalogue as well as unique parts were thrown at this special version. Here is a large list of the modifications:

– Front bumper, front fenders, fender wings, side skirts, rear bumper, rear diffuser, rear spoiler, 18″ magnesium wheels and a carbon roof.

– Steering wheel, seats, removal rear seats, shifter and handbrake boot, scuff plate, interior panel and floor mats.

Engine & transmission:
– Sports air filter, intake manifold cover, center exit exhaust, oil cooler, flywheel, clutch, limited slip differential, gear ratio.

– Front and rear brace, adjustable suspension, front lower arm and rear trailing arm.

A few months later, the TRD 14R was released. This was a model with the concept of the 14R60 but less modified and not limited to 100 units. Key modifications for the 14R are made on the exterior, which resembles that of the 14R60. The front bumper and fenders are the regular ones, having some additional aero parts on them though. Dedicated 14R badges could be found on the back and in the interior. While the 14R60 could only be had with a manual transmission, the 14R was also available with the automatic transmission.

Later in 2015 Toyota released the Style Cb. It was a restyled 86 aimed at buyers looking for that more upmarket feel. The biggest change was the front of the vehicle; the sharp front end of the pre-facelift 86 was replaced by a more round one with round headlights. At the rear there was not such a big change for the standard Style Cb. Several options could be had for the exterior though. A rear spoiler with a large chrome strip under it, two-tone exterior color and 18″ BBS wheels. Ticking all the option boxes would result in a price for this car of over 5 Million Yen. For the interior the changes were more subtle, with a new steering wheel, interior panel and newly designed meter.

In 2016 Toyota came with a facelift for the 86. But before the introduction of this new model, a final goodbye model was developed for the pre-facelift version. The large amount of specifically developed parts for this 86 GRMN and limited production numbers of only 100 units, resulted in a price of over 6.3 Million Yen. Here is a list with some of the modifications:

– Hood, roof, trunk, fender garnish and adjustable rear wing made of carbon fiber, a new front spoiler, side skirt and rear diffuser.

– Red alcantara for shift knob, handbrake handle and new 3-spoke small diameter steering wheel, red seatbelts, interior panel with GRMN logo and new combimeter.

Engine and transmission
– Lightweight piston, low tension piston ring, low friction crank bearing, re-tuned engine ECU, variable length intake manifold, low resistance air filter, center exit exhaust.

– Adjustable suspension, 6-pod brakes in front, 4-pod brakes in rear, electronic power steering re-tuned and pillow ball rear control arm bush.

For the facelifted model of the 86, a lot of effort was spent on versions with special colors. Pictures showing most of the colors can be found on the bottom of this page. Two new grades were also launched; the 86 GR in the end of 2017 and 86 GR Sports in July 2018.

Compared to the regular 86, the GR had special exterior features like a front under spoiler, side skirt, rear spoiler, rear bumper similar to that of the GRMN (incl. center exit exhaust), dark accents for the mirror covers and fender garnishes, a dark Toyota badge and dark colored 17″ Rays wheels. The interior also had a dark theme, with an alcantara Recaro seats and interior panel, steering wheel with GR badge, gloss black accents for interior garnishes and a new designed combimeter. For actual performance improvements, there was a steering rack and rear suspension brace, -10 mm lower Sachs suspension and upgraded brakes. Like the TRD 14R60 and GRMN, the GR was only available in white.

The GR Sport got a similar exterior appearance as the GR however the rear bumper was a regular rear bumper and the wheels were the ones that were already found on the GT Limited with Black Package. In the interior there were no changes with the GR except for the seats. The suspension and brakes were the same as the GT Limited with Black Package and no steering rack brace was fitted on the GR Sport. For colors there more choice versus the GR, as the GR Sport could be had in white black or red.

A lot of variations of the 86 have been sold and the car has been quite a success in Japan. As such there are a lot of customisation and aftermarket parts for sale in Japan. See the following page with some product recommendations. 86/BRZ JDM Products

Click on the picture below to see the Toyota 86 details and specifications per year such as weight, new price and equipment for each version in the catalog.

Below here you can find pictures from the front, rear and side of most grades and colors:

1GT LimitedOrange MetallicPre-facelift
2GT LimitedIce Silver MetallicPre-facelift
3Yellow LimitedSunrise YellowPre-facelift
486 GMRNCrystal White PearlPre-facelift
5GMagnetite Grey MetallicFacelift
6GTCrystal White PearlFacelift
7GT LimitedAzlight BlueFacelift
886 RacingCrystal White PearlFacelift
9Solar Orange LimitedSolar OrangeFacelift
10GT Limited Black PackageSolid GreyFacelift
11GT Bright BlueFacelift
12British Green LimitedBritish GreenFacelift
13Black LimitedCrystal Black SilicaFacelift
14GR SportPure RedFacelift
1586 GRCrystal White PearlFacelift