Miso Katsu

Katsu (カツ in Japanese) is a fried meat cutlet. It can be either pork, beef, chicken or even fish. It can be compared with a German Schnitzel a little but the batter of the Katsu is much more crispy after frying. A famous Katsu dish is Tonkatsu, which is a pork cutlet with sweet and sticky sauce and is usually served with rice and cabbage.

In Aichi prefecture however, there is a variation on the Tonkatsu dish called Miso Katsu. Basically the dish is the same with rice, cabbage and Katsu, but the sauce served is different. As the name suggests, the used for the Miso Katsu is a sauce based on Miso. Miso is traditional Japanese seasoning with a unique taste which is a mix of salty, sweet and a little bit spicy.