Monjayaki is a dish which is eaten of a hot plate. At first, the ingredients are cut very small upon which they are mixed with a flour based batter (little bit similar to pancake mix). This batter is quite runny, so when the mix is put onto the hot plate, the mix will start to run. While trying to keep the mix together on the plate, it will slowly be cooked ready. Once ready, the Monjayaki can be taken of the plate with a special spatel which also serves a spoon to eat it.

This enjoyable experience is similar to Okonomiyaki, which similar ingredients being used. Standard ingredients of Monjayaki are the batter and cabbage. Furthermore vegetables to choice are selected and either meat (pork) or fish like shrimp, shellfish or squid are put into the mix. Monjayaki restaurants are readily available in the northern area of Tokyo and surrounding prefectures, but the restaurants can be found all over Japan.