A Western infuenced dish in Japan is Omurice. The base is a tomato flavored rice with chicken. This is covered with a thin omelet. On top of the omelet is then tomato ketchup. Ingredients are simple, so is the making of it. And of course this is one of kids their favorite dish. Another interesting fact is that Omurice is often used to communicate a message. The tomato ketchup can be used to write something on top the egg which is easy to read due to the contrast between the red and yellow.

Variations on the standard Omurice are to make the rice with more vegetables so it is a bit like pilaf or not using ketchup in the rice at all. Another common usage is to replace the tomato ketchup on top of the egg with demiglace sauce. Replacing the beef by chicken or eating the Omurice together with a Hamburger is also a delicious combination.