One of the most famous food at festivals, beach or barbecues in Japan is Yakisoba. Yaki means baked and soba are the wheat noodles used for a large amount of dishes in Japan. To make Yakisoba, the soba is stir fried / baked on a hot plate, with other ingredients such as cabbage, thin sliced carrot, onion and pork. Once well baked, Yakisoba sauce (similar to Worchester sauce) is added which gives the dish a savory and sweet taste. Before serving, it often sprinkled with ginger, bonito fish flakes or spicy mayonnaise.

Yakisoba can be eaten both warm or cold. It is also readily available as instant food. Just pour some boiling water, drain the water after a few minutes, add the attached Yakisoba sauce, mix it and eat. Simple as that. Other variations on Yakisoba are a Yakisobapan (which is bread with Yakisoba in it) or using udon, more thick noodles, instead of soba.