ALT Tsukude

Autoland Tsukude, also known as ALT Tsukude, is a short track in the east of Aichi-ken. The length is 700 meter but there is a significant height difference of 9 meters between the lowest and highest point of the track.

Per day there usually 2 hours reserved for motorcycles and the rest is for cars. It is possible to make an exclusive booking for an hour on the track which groups often do, or even book the track for a full day. A one hour free drive with random other people is also possible for the price of 4500 Yen. Being a member or making a reservation on forehand gives a certain discount. An on-site BBQ is also possible.

ALT Tsukude is deep in the mountains, approximately 1 hour driving east of Nagoya and 45 minutes north of Shinshiro city. A car is advised to get there. Motorland Mikawa is close-by Alt Tsukude, approximately 10 minutes by car.

A link to the website can be found below:

And a link to the location on Google Maps:

Alt Tsukude Google Maps link