Fuji Speedway

Fuji Speedway is a known circuit worldwide because it hosted Formula 1 and other international endurance races. But the facilities of Fuji Speedway, reach beyond this because there are also a drift course, short circuit, gymkhana course and carting course.


In 1963 the build started for Fuji Speedway with the intention of hosting Nascar races. It was found that due to costs and construction feasibility it was not possible to fulfill Nascar requirements and it was decided to make it circuit similar to the ones in Europe. In December in 1965 it was opened but soon it proved the first section of the circuit was very dangerous. In 1974 it was decided to change the circuit layout such that it would cut the first section. In 2005 there was a significant renovation to make the circuit eligible again for hosting Formula 1 races.

The drift course has a length of 630-700 meter with a straight of 240 meter.


The short course can have 18 different layouts and depending on the layout, the length of the course is 810-920 meter.


The gymkhana course is 78 x 150 meter.


The karting course is a miniature version of the actual main course of Fuji Speedway with a length of 520 meter. It is open almost every day and it is possible to rent a cart for 7 laps at the price of 1500 Yen. An additional option is to rent a 2-seater cart, which is 2000 Yen for 7 laps.


All the other facilities of Fuji Speedway can be rented and are often used for driver training session, meetings, competition, testing, etc. Organisations also often rent the facilities and it is possible to participate in the events organised.

General entrance fee to the premises of Fuji Speedway is 1000 Yen. The circuit is around 100 km west from Tokyo and close to Mount Fuji, which gives it a unique atmosphere. To visit the other facilities besides the main circuit, it is advised to go by car unless a special event is taking place.

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