Nihonkai Maze Circuit

In Niigata-ken on the seaside there is a circuit called Nihonkai Maze Circuit. It was established in 1967 but closed down in 1978. In 1987 it was reopened with a slight lay-out change to improve safety. The driving direction also changed from counter-clockwise to clockwise. The length of the circuit is 2000 meters and it has a total of 14 corners.

The circuit can be rented or it is possible to freely run your own vehicle. For regular people it is advised to become a member. A 1 year membership is 32400 Yen and it includes training, insurance, discount on buying driving sessions and free entrance to the facility. For non-members, the entrance fee is 1500 Yen on weekdays and 2000 Yen in the weekend.

The price for a 25 minute driving session as a non-member is 4860 Yen in the weekend and 4320 Yen on weekdays. It common to take a 3 hour session instead because it gives a lot more value for money. 9500 Yen on weekdays and 11500 Yen during the weekend.

The facility also offers overnight stay at the circuit. And on the other side of the road there is a beach. The circuit is approximately 50 minutes driving from Niigata city.

A link to the website can be found below:

And a link to the location on Google Maps:

Nihonkai Maze Circuit Google Maps link