Meihan Sports Land

Meihan Sports Land is a facility with 5 different circuits, 4 for on-road and 1 for off-road driving. Each circuit is focused on a different type of customer.

AB Course is for carts and minibikes, but can also be used for gymkhana. The circuit length is 850 meter with lane width between 7-10 meter.

The C Course is gymkhana ground which is also used for drifting practice and drift events. National gymkhana series are also held here. As there are many obstacles in the surfaced area, an infinite amount different routes can be made. A pre-laid out course can be driven which is 840 meter with the straight being 120 meter long. An hour driving is 2500 Yen, a half day 3500 Yen and a full day of driving is 4500 Yen. In order to drive, you need to be member of JAF, SLO or JASA.

The D Course (no picture) is a large skidpad area which is used for gymkhana and drift practice.

The E Course is usually used for carts and motards. On reserved days, it can be used for gymkhana and drifting as well. The pre-laid out course is 800 meter long with a straight of 170 meter.

For driving on each circuit a license is necessary. On the website of the circuit is described on how to obtain it:

The location of Meihan Sports Land is in a rural mountainous area in Nara prefecture therefore difficult to access by public transport. By car, it is around 45 minutes driving east from Nara. Another big city close by is Nabari which is 30 minutes driving.

A link to the website can be found below:

And a link to the location on Google Maps:

Meihan Sports Land Google Maps link