Honjo Circuit

Northwest of Tokyo in Saitama prefecture is the Honjo Circuit. It was established in 2005 on the site of an old mining facility. The location of the circuit is such that it is easy accesible from the Tokyo metropolian area. The length of the circuit is not very long with 1112 meter. There are connections between parts of the circuit such that it possible to make other layouts if wanted. In total there are 11 corners.

Free driving on the circuit always requires a initial training of 3500 Yen. It is valid for 1 year or one can choose to become a member for 15000 Yen for 1 year which includes the training  The fee for free driving for non-members is 2100 Yen on weekdays, 500 Yen more expensive on Saturdays and holidays, and another 500 yen more expensive on Sunday’s. Becoming a member will give 500 Yen discount and also printouts of lap times are for free. Measuring equipment is 1000 Yen / day for both member and non-member. One session is approximately 15 minutes of driving. For every 10 sessions driven as a member you get another session for free. Renewal for a 1 year membership is 12000 Yen. The free driving is only for grip driving.

The circuit also offers the possibility for a rental car such as a MX-5 / Roadster and a K-Car Twin. They even keep a leaderbord with the fastest drivers in the rental cars. The cost for a rental car is 3000 Yen per session. It is also possible to get into a rental cart and drive on the circuit with that.

Honjo Circuit is sometimes hosting special events including drift. The opening times are basically from 8:00 to 16:00 but driving is usually taking place between 9:00 and 16:00 and between 12:00-13:00 there is a lunch break. The accessibility by car is good  with approximately 2 hour driving from Tokyo. Another big city close by is Takasaki which is approximately 45 minutes driving. Get there by public transport is also possible but the closest train station, Kodama Station, is around 1 hour walking from the circuit.

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