Hero Sinoi Circuit

Hero Sinoi Circuit is close to Utsonomiya city in Tochigi prefecture. It is circuit which can have two layouts. A short one which is 1000 meter and a long one that is 1350 meter. It has relatively long straights and high speed corners but also a few sharp corners.

It is often possible to freely drive on the circuit. 18 minutes of driving costs 3100 Yen on weekdays and 3600 Yen in the weekend. An additional insurance of 500 Yen is required and measuring equipment can be borrowed for 1000 Yen / day. For licensed members the aforementioned additional costs are not applicable and the costs for a 18 minute session are also 1000 Yen less.

Becoming a licensed member means a small classroom course should be followed and an introduction to circuit will be done by driving behind a pace car. The cost for this is 10800 Yen.

The circuit is also organising events and other activities such as the high speed slalom and hero challenge, which is an endurance race. The circuit is also easy accessible. By public transport it takes approximately 1 hour by bus and by car it is approximately 40 minutes.

A link to the website can be found below:


And a link to the location on Google Maps:

Hero Sinoi Circuit Google Maps link