South Chiba Circuit

Close to Tokyo is a facility called South Chiba Circuit which contains of an actual small circuit and 2 large asphalted areas. The facility was renovated in 2009.


The small circuit became 700 meter at that time. The two asphalted areas can be used to make a course of 1100 meter. The circuit and asphalted areas can be combined which can lead to a large amount of different courses to be used for grip driving, drifting, driving practice, carting and more. A link with all the course can be found here:

On the website is a detailed schedule available with which time, which course can be driven including price and maximum amount of cars. One hour of driving is around 3000 Yen.

The location is very convenient close to the metropolitan area of Tokyo with approximately 1 hour drive from the center of Tokyo. And it is close to highway intersections. However, there are no public transport stations close by.

A link to the website can be found below:

And a link to the location on Google Maps:

South Chiba Circuit Google Maps link