Tsukuba Circuit

One the most well known circuit in Japan is Tsukuba Circuit as it featured in many video games and for example Best Motoring videos. Tsukuba Circuit is actually a complex of circuits, there is the 2000 course, 1000 course, gymkhana course and oval course.

The 2000 course has a length of 2045 meter with the home straight being only 282 meter and back straight 437 meter, this circuit is more focused on cornering performance of the machines. The 2000 course is often used for competitions and races.

The 1000 course is smaller than the 2000 course as the name suggest. The maximum length is only 1039 meter. Various layouts are possible with more focus on low speed tight corners or high speed corners. The course is flat which is great for spectators to see all the action on the complete track but also for beginner drivers because there are no blind corners and it is possible to see danger ahead.

The gymkhana course is basically an asphalted area of 96 meter long and a varying width of 61-108 meter result in an overall surface area of 8488 m2. It was resurfaced in 2017. It is basically used for gymkhana sessions, drift practice and drive school.

The costs for driving with a car on the 2000 course is 3600 Yen for 25 minutes, and 3100 Yen for 20 minutes on weekdays. It is 500 Yen more expensive in the weekend. In January and February there is a small discount because it is winter season.  The 1000 course costs 2100 Yen for cars in on weekdays and 2600 Yen in the weekend, both for a 20 minute session drive. But before being able to drive on Tsukuba Circuit 1000 and 2000 course, a special license has to be obtained which includes a training in Japanese. Renting either the full 2000 course or 1000 course is also possible. The gymkhana course is only possible to rent in full for half a day or full day so an affordable way to do driving there is to join one of the scheduled events.

Free driving is not always possible due to many events and races being held at Tsukuba Circuit. Check the calendar on their website for more information. It is also possible to rent garages for a single day if you would plan to spend a full day driving at Tsukuba. Admission fee to the facility is 500 Yen on the weekend while free on weekdays and parking is free anytime.

The location of Tsukuba Circuit is north of Tokyo, approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes by car. The closest train station is Sodo Station, and this is approximately 1 hour 15 minutes walking from the circuit.

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