Ebisu Circuit

Ebisu Circuit is a big motorsports complex. It is a collection of 7 individual circuits and 2 open area’s which can be used for practicing drifting for example. The complex is home to many of top motorsports events in Japan and is organizing a massive drift event twice a year.

One of the main circuit is the Ebisu East Course which is famous for its uphill before the main the straight. The total length of the course is 2061 meter. All course details can be found on the website of Ebisu: Link to East Course details.

Next to it is the Ebisu Drift Stadium which is hosting the top drifting events in Japan. It used to be the Ebisu South Course, but because of the popularity of drifting the name changed to Drift Stadium in 2011. The course can have multiple layouts and this flexibility is very convenient for bigger events. The overall length is 1203 meter. More details can be found of the website of Ebisu: Link to Drift Stadium Course details.

The longest course on the complex is the West Course with 2103 meter. As there are long straights and tight corners, the speed on this course is relatively high. It is often hosting endurance races but also bringing your own car and driving the circuit is very popular on this course. Exact course details can be found on the website of Ebisu: Link to West Course details.

On the north side of the complex is the North Course which is on the area with the highest altitude on the complex. The circuit mainly exists of low speed corners but there is high speed corner with a large radius. The total length of the circuit is 1155 meter. More details can be found on the Ebisu website: Link to North Course details.

Another course is the School Course and as the name suggest, it is mainly used practice. Both drifting and motorcycle practice can be done. Running the complete course is 420 meter. The course mainly consists of low speed corners. Circuit details can be found on the Ebisu website: Link to School Course details.

Almost next to it is Driftland, another practice area for drifting. Gymkhana events are also held on this area. Many different layouts are possible. Link to Driftland details.

The last course is a Touge course which is reflecting a mountain pass. It has a few blind hairpin corners and significant height variation over its short length of 1200 meter.

In addition there are two other area’s which are big asphalted surfaces (Kurukuru land and Hizasuri land). These are also used as practice area or in case of big event, parking area.

Entrance to the premises is 1500 Yen or free for members. A full day at Kurukuru Land costs 2000 Yen. Access to 4 drift course (School Course, Touge Course, Kita Course and Kurukuru Land) is 5500 Yen for a full day. If you would like to run Driftstadium as well, you can take the 5 course pack which brings the total price to 9000 Yen for a full day. Using the 4 courses for half a day is 3500 Yen and the 5 courses is 6000 Yen for half a day.

A lot of other options such as grip driving, driving with motorcycle and gymkhana are possible. Please see the website of Ebisu for the prices.
Link to prices of Ebisu circuit. (Click 料金)

Ebisu Circuit is located in Fukushima-ken approximately 30 minutes driving from Fukushima city. Access by public transport is also possible because next to Ebisu Circuit there is also a safari park.

A link to the website can be found below:


And a link to the location on Google Maps:

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