LINK Circuit

On the outskirts of Fukushima city is a circuit called LINK circuit. The length is 1560 meter and because it is quite stretched there are long straights with the main straight being 230 meter long. The track width is between 9 and 16 meter and the height difference between the highest and lowest part of the circuit is quite significant with 21 meter. The circuit is mainly driven clockwise.

The price for driving on the circuit is 3500 Yen for half a day and 5000 Yen for a full day on weekdays. In the weekend it is a little more expensive with half a day costing 5000 Yen and a full day 7500 Yen. From November until end of March the price is 10% reduced and in December even 50% reduced. Measuring equipment, using the pits and an additional insurance is also available.

The circuit also offers a track experience, driving just a 4-6 laps for 1000 Yen and 500 Yen insurance fee. Furthermore, there are other facilities such as a vehicle lift, vehicle storage options and a chassis dynamometer to measure the power level of a vehicle. Next to the circuit is also a Remote Control car circuit of 310 meter which can be used for 3000 Yen.

The circuit is close to Fukushima city. A 20 minute drive by car approximately. And easy accesible by public transport from Fukushima Station. Take the bus to Orito Station and then a 20 minute walk to reach the circuit.

A link to the website can be found below:

And a link to the location on Google Maps:

LINK Circuit Google Maps link