New Chitose Motorland

In Hokkaido the facilities to enjoy driving with your own car are scarse but New Chitose Motorland is one of the few to go to. The facility consist of a rental cart area, a motorcross circuit and Active Safety Park, are large amount of asphalt used for various activities such as gymkhana or drifting.

The Active Safety Park size is 140 meters long by 80 meters wide with on one side curved corners to replicate an actual circuit. In the center there are a few curbstone areas to make a variety of courses. Opening times are from 9:00 am in the morning until 10:00 pm in the evening, so night driving is possible. To have a go, you need to make a reservation by the phone, based on the first reservation for that day, the facility organizers create the schedule of the day which can also be found back on the website.

Prices for driving on the Active Safety Park depend on the time of the day and which day it is. The day is divided into 3 sessions, a morning session of 3.5 hours, and afternoon session of 4.5 hours and night session of 4 hours. An overview of the prices can be found below (reference date August 2020).

It is also possible to become a member. Three different type of memberships are available. The Platinum one is the most expensive with a 1 year price of around 100 000 Yen. Taking this membership means you drive for free any day and time, do not pay any entrance fee (normally 500 yen) and can use the tire changer for free. The two other memberships are halve the price of the Platinum one but one is for weekday free driving only and the other one is for night-time free driving (any day) only.

The location of New Chitose Motorland is just next to the airport but a bit difficult to access if you do not have a car. An option would to go by taxi (around 10 minutes from the airport) or walking which is around 1 hour from the airport.

A link to the website can be found below:

And a link to the location on Google Maps:

New Chitose Motorland Google Maps link