Tokachi Speedway

By far the largest circuit in Hokkaido is Tokachi Speedway. Nowadays it goes under this name but when it was opened in 1993 the name was Tokachi International Speedway. As FIA recognised circuit, the plan was to organise international races here but not much of that happened. Throughout the years there have been hosted a lot of national GT races and racing events though.

The circuit has three common course layout’s. The full circuit is called the Grand Prix course (5091 meter), then the larger right half is called the Clubman course (3406 meter) and the left part only is called the Junior course (1700 meter). It is a high speed circuit with long straights; the main straight of the Grand Prix/Clubman course measuring over 1000 meter long! Besides this, the circuit is build on a flat area of land, so there is relatively not so much height difference. As such, the spectators on the main stand can have an overview of almost the complete circuit.

In addition to the main circuit, there is also a smaller circuit called the Short course. It completed construction in 2015. The purpose of this circuit is more drifting and gymkhana driving, so there are connections between several parts of the circuit in order to have a flexible course layout. One of the corners has a banking.

Free driving with your own car costs 6000 Yen for a session of 25 minutes on the Clubman course and 4400 Yen for circuit license holders. Driving on the Junior course is cheaper with a price of 4500 Yen for 1 hour of drive time. 3 or more hours of drive costs 11000 Yen. The Short course costs 5000 Yen for less than 2 hours of running time and 8000 Yen for more than 2 hours running time. All prices are excluding 10% tax.

The circuit license can be obtained by following a 1 hour lesson which costs 14000 Yen. After completing the lesson, the license is valid for 1 year. In addition to the discount of driving on the Clubman course, there is no entrance fee which normally costs 1000 Yen. Open cars need to have a roll-cage.

A big city close to the circuit is Obihiro and is around 45 minutes driving. Public transport connections are not available. From Sapporo it takes around 3 hours by car to get to the circuit. The circuit is generally open from May until beginning of December.

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