Asan Circuit

On the island Shikoku, one of the 5 big islands of Japan, there is the prefecture of Tokushima. The prefecture mainly consists of mountains and that is where the in 1987 created Asan Circuit is fitting in with that atmosphere. Created on top of a mountains in the west of the Tokushima prefecture, this circuit enjoys a magnificent scenery.

With wide lanes, a course length of around 1000 meters and two long straights, it isn’t a low speed circuit like many are in Japan. The course is very technical with big difference in height between parts of circuit. In a few corners the elevation is changing significantly throughout the corners. As the circuit is in the mountains, it is also susceptible to weather such as strong wind, fog and snow.

In case you want to drive with your own car on Asan Circuit, you need to register for membership. This costs 3500 Yen per year. Every heat of 25 minutes of driving is then 1600 Yen on weekdays, Saturday and holidays, and 2100 Yen on Sunday.

Being far away from any cities and civilization, there are no noise regulations. As such access is also a bit difficult. The closest city nearby is Miyoshi and it takes around 30 minutes via a narrow to get to the circuit. Once arrived at the circuit, the access is also difficult for very low cars and big trucks.

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