Hadashi Tengoku Circuit

In east of Yamaguchi prefecture there is a small circuit popular for drifting. It goes under the name of Hadashi Tengoku Circuit. As it is more like a carting circuit, for regular cars the corners are tight and the overall speed on the circuit is low. Perfectly for drifting. Of course regular grip driving is also possible but as the circuit is quite bumpy, it best not to do it with a too low car.

To enjoy driving with your own car on this circuit is very affordable. 3000 Yen for half a day and 5000 Yen for a full day. Admission to the site is 500 Yen. Ensure to wear a helmet, helmet and shoes and you are good to go.

One of the biggest cities close the circuit is the city of Shunan. By car it would still take around 45 minutes to get from the city to circuit. Following the route 2, there will finally be a very tight mountain road towards the circuit. The closest train station to the circuit is around 40 minutes walking. At the time of writing, a website about the circuit could not be found.

The link to the location on Google Maps:

Hadashi Tengoku Circuit Google Maps link