MINE Circuit

One of the oldest Japanese circuits was opened in November 1972 as Atsu Circuit in Yamaguchi prefecture, in Western Japan. Originally a simple shaped course of only 1300 meters, the circuit got enlarged in 1976 to 2815 meters. The name of the circuit was also changed to West Japan Circuit. In 1991 there was a big refurbishment, with the course changing and total length of the course becoming 3330 meters. The circuit was now called MINE Circuit.

Original Atsu Circuit

From 1991 course of MINE Circuit

Many of Japan’s top racing classes were hosted at MINE Circuit as well as many events were held for driving with your own car. In 2006 however, the circuit had to close due to financial troubles. 10 years later, a new owner took over the circuit. Mazda, bought the circuit and is using it as a proving ground nowadays.