Okayama International Circuit

Originally developed for hosting a Formula 1 race, TI Circuit Aida opened in November 1990 and hosted the 1994 and 1995 Pacific Grand Prix. In 2005, the name of the circuit was changed to Okayama International Circuit. Nowadays it is possible to watch racing and car related events, drive with your own car or enjoy rental carts.

The length of the circuit is 3703 meter and with 13 corners it is a high speed course. The maximum height difference on the course is 29 meter. A lot of different driving events are held so for most motorsport fanatics there is something to do. For driving with your own car, special days and slots on the calendar are booked. Price depends on the activity.

There is a membership available called Okayama International Circuit Racing Club. With this pass, more opportunities to do free driving with your own car are made available and in addition, the price is normally cheaper than being a non-member. To enter the Racing Club, an annual membership fee of 40000 Yen is required.

Besides the big circuit, a smaller circuit / large asphalted area is also available. It is called the “Mini course” and can be used for various purposes such as gymkhana or driving safety training. A course of up to 900 meters can be made. There are slots scheduled for free driving with own vehicle and then a pre-laid-out course is used. Rental of the full “Mini course” is also possible.

The circuit is in the east of Okayama prefecture, not far away from Nakayama Circuit. Okayama city is around 1 hour away by car. By public transport it will be difficult to get to Okayama International Circuit so a taxi would be necessary.

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