Seto Nakai Circuit

This 800 meter circuit in the west of Shikoku is a popular event venue for motorsports related activities. Its compact shape allows a lot of flexibility in the course layout as besides carting and regular grip driving or drifting, there are also being held exclusive driving events and the occasional gymkhana events.

In case there are no planned events or holidays and the circuit is not hired, there is normally free driving. The morning session (8:00-12:00) is usually for cars and the afternoon session (13:00-17:00) for carts. On weekdays it costs 4000 Yen to drive and on weekends and public holidays, it is 5000 Yen.

The location is close to the city of Saijo, around 15 minutes by car, and a bit further are Matsuyama and Imabari which both are approximately 30 minutes away. There are no nearby train stations but getting a taxi from Tamanoe station is possible.

The website of the circuit contains the basic information and can be found below:

And a link to the location on Google Maps:

Seto Naikai Circuit Google Maps link