Sports Land Tamada

In the mountains of Hiroshima prefecture there is a large facility for outdoor and motorsports activities called Sports Land Tamada. For motorsports, there is a 750 meter long karting circuit which is also used for drifting and gymkhana.

For drifting and gymkhana there are normally special days organised on the calendar. The price is around 4000 Yen for half a day and 6000 Yen for a full day (both excluding consumption tax). A point card can be made for free. Every time you use the facility you can gather some points and after the point card is full, you become a gold member which results in a free admission (normally 500 Yen / car) and you can use points to get discount.

Rental carts are also available and other activities such as survival games or mountain biking can also be done at Sports Land Tamada. The location of Sports Land Tamada is around 40 minutes by car north of Hiroshima. As it is in the mountains, access by public transport is not convenient.

A link to the website can be found below:

And a link to the location on Google Maps:

Sports Land Tamada Google Maps link