The most common sightseeing places in Hokkaido, the north island of Japan are certainly Sapporo, Furano and Hakodate. Exploring a bit deeper into Hokkaido, will show you that there are a lot of other beautiful places as well. One of these is in the northeast of Hokkaido, the area around Abashiri.

Abashiri is a coastal town with the surrounding areas having a large diversity of nature. To the south there is Abashiri lake, which in the winter often freezes over. To the west there is a large sunflower park. A bit further to west is Notoro lake that is connected to the sea. The north side of Notoro lake is has a swamp / nature reserve atmosphere. Finally to the east of Abashiri is long stretching coast line with a lot of wildlife. Famous attractions of Abashiri are the Prison Museum and watching drift ice in the winter on sea.

Below here you can find some Abashiri area photo’s with their location:

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