Kit Kat

I hear you think, “Kit Kat, is that a special Japanese snack?”. Well, not particularly but the amount of variations and flavors of Kit Kat in Japan is unbelievable. In Western countries we known the regular milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate and maybe a handful of other unique flavors. But Japan has had over 300 different kind of flavors. Here are some of the special ones:
– Sakura (cherryblossom)
– Soy flavor
– Matcha (green tea)
– Strawberry Cheescake
– Wasabi flavor
– Sweet Potato

Founded in America, coincidently Kit Kat means “You will win” or “You can do it” in Japanese. For Japanese it is therefore seen as a good luck charm. Say for example, somebody has a difficult exam to pass, then you give that person a Kit Kat and it is supposed that this will support in passing the exam.

If you are lucky, you can find a Kit Kat only specialty shop but already in all the touristic places and souvenir shops you can find a large variety of Kit Kat’s. Besides the many flavors, there are often also special editions with writing on them. Plus there are some region unique Kit Kat’s that can only be bought a specific city or area in Japan.