Mikawa Skyline

In the southeast of Aichi prefecture there is the Mikawa region. It is a mountainous area close to the coast which means it is a recipe for a good driving road with good views. The Mikawa Skyline scenic road was thus created in this area.

The road is also known as route 525 with nearby big cities such as Okazaki, Gamagori and Toyohashi. Opened in 1973, it used to be a toll road but is toll-free now. Plans existed to link this road together with the Mt. Sangane Skyline. The Mikawa Skyline is approximately 16 kilometer long and takes about 20 minutes one way. There are two intermediate entries / exits. One connects to the route 323 and the other goes towards the route 1.

The road is not so wide and quality is average.

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Mikawa Skyline

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