Ashinoko Skyline

The Ashinoko Skyline is a must-drive road for whenever you are in the area of Hakone. The surrounding views when driving are amazing. Ashinoko, Mt. Fuji, sea, Izu peninsula and city overlooks, everything is there. With the change of the season the environment is also changing so it is worth coming here multiple times per year.

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Ashinoko Skyline has 4 entry and exits, but basically the start would be at the north side. This is where the 401 road comes up from Gotemba, which is a good driving road as well. There are also entry-and exit point in the middle going to Susuno and Hakone. On the south side is a connection to the Izu Skyline, via the Jukkoku Touge, another great driving road in the vicinity of Hakone.

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There are several points to stop and make pictures of the scenic views or do some hiking in the surrounding area. In the south part of the route it is possible to make a rest stop at one of two restaurants that are located there.

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There is a livecamera at the north entrance of the Ashinoko Skyline:
Ashinoko Skyline entrance livecamera

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