Honda Torneo

The Honda Accord is everywhere around the globe known as Honda’s midsize sedan. In the mid ninties, Honda had several type of stores across Japan. The Honda Accord was sold in the Clio store, while the other Primo and Verno stores would not have a sedan at the time of the new generation (6th) Accord introduction. One of the reasons that made Honda decide to create another sedan based on the Accord, be it on the same basis but with a different exterior.

In September 1997, Honda released the Torneo. Compared to the Accord, the front lights, front bumper, front grille, rear lights and colors among others were different. The trim levels and engine combinations were identical however. It meant there were a 1.8 liter and 2.0 liter in different power variations available. Most grades had front wheel drive, but one 2.0 liter trim came with four wheel drive.

One of the interesting initial grades was the SiR with 200 horsepower in manual transmission variation and 180 horsepower in automatic transmission variation. The engine used in the SiR is the F20B which used VTEC and could rev up to 7800 rpm. In 1998, a special version based on the SiR was launched. It was called Pearl White edition referring to the unique color in which the car was painted. Other equipment included a trunk spoiler and special design aluminium wheels for the outside, carbon details in the interior and a BOSE sound system.

From June 2000, the Euro R model was listed as a new grade. This featured the H22A engine, which is 2.2 liter in size and produces up to 220 horsepower. It was only available as a manual transmission. Special Euro R equipment included a body kit, Recaro sports seats, a Momo steering wheel, a sportier suspension setup, a sports exhaust and a Limited Slip Differential. The gear shifter knob was made of aluminium whereas Type R shiftknobs are usually made of Titanium.

For the final models, a special grade was introduced in May 2002. The Euro R/X was based on the Euro R, but had some additional equipment such as privacy glass, a titanium gear knob and bronze colored wheels. While the 1st phase Euro R had gold pattern on the Recaro seats, the Euro R/X could be had with a red pattern. The Euro R/X has not been sold much, as by the end of 2002 the production of the Torneo was stopped and the car was replaced by the new Honda Accord CL7. The Torneo Euro R was succeeded by the Accord Euro R CL7.

Click on the picture below to see the Honda Torneo details and specifications per year such as weight, new price and equipment for each version in the catalog.