Mazda RX-8 Spirit R

The Mazda RX-8 was the rotary successor to RX-7 FD generation. It came on the market in April 2003 with two versions (210 horsepower and 250 horsepower) of the 13B-MSP Renesis engine. In addition to the base grade, a comfortable Type E and sporty Type S grade were available. The Type E had features such as leather seats, cruise control and an automatic transmission. The Type S had for example 18 inch aluminium wheels, a more sporty suspension setup and a manual transmission.

In 2008 there was a mid-life refresh with both technical and design changes. Towards the end of its lifecycle, Mazda decided to have one final top grade to end the production. This was the Spirit R grade, which is a similar naming as was used for the RX-7 final production run. The RX-8 Spirit R was released in November 2011.

Basically the Spirit R could be had in two variations. One was based on the Type S and the other one on the Type E. All Spirit R models came with black bezels for the headlights, front foglights and rear lights, bigger brakes in red color, Spirit R ornaments scattered around the vehicle, red stitching used in the black interior and engine performance modifications optimizing the power delivery of the engine.

The variation based on the Type S had the 6-speed manual transmission, special Recaro bucket seats with a mix of leather and fabric, a harder suspension with Bilstein dampers, bronze 19 inch aluminium wheels, an aluminium pedal set for the interior and aero parts on the exterior. The variation based on the Type E was more focused on comfort and thus had the 6-speed automatic transmission, more comfort oriented seats with 8-way power adjustability and 18 inch aluminium wheels in gun metal color.

The Spirit R could be had in three colors: aluminum metallic, sparkling black mica and crystal white pearl mica. The price for the manual transmission version was 3.25 Million Yen in 2011 while the automatic transmission version was a bit cheaper at 3.12 Million Yen. Mazda initially planned to sell 1000 units, but as the orders exceeded this number, Mazda decided to build another 1000 units.

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