One of the most famous dishes coming from the west of Japan is Okonomiyaki, literally meaning “baking the way you like it”. On a hot plate, a mix of flour based batter, cabbage and other vegetables, meat or fish are baked into a pancake.

The ingredients are similar to that of monjayaki but it is not so runny such that it is more easy to make single pancake. Okonomiyaki is very popular dish in Japan which is easy to make by yourself at home, doing together with other people at an Okonomiyaki party or just eat it at a restaurant.

In a restaurant, Okonomiyaki can be either made in full on hot plate in front of you. Or another and personally more fun way is that you just receive the ingredients and then you need to mix them yourself. Once properly mixed, you put the mix on the hot plate and bake it both sides. Finally you some toppings to your liking such as a Worcester type of sauce, mayonnaise, seaweed flakes or bonito flakes.